Dance-Versity is a dance company that accommodates a variety of dance styles.
Founded by @Vuyo_Njay (Instagram/Twitter) Vuyo Nkosi in 2014, Dance-Versity started off as an Urban Dance dance crew of 4 young males. Dance-Versity continued to grow in numbers with more males and females joining the team, growing to become family and later winning great achievements in the style of Urban Dance.

On Stage

Dance-Versity on stage is a high-sprited and lively group of performers, Known for their energetic and entertaining urban dance style. They are also the backup dancers of the rap duo “1st Class Audio”. They have presented on more than hundreds of stages across South Africa (events/competitions) and have qualified in a number of abroad competitions.


• Prestige Gold (92%) in South African Eisteddfod.
•Dancestar 3rd Place A-League Qualifiers (Finals were to take place in Croatia)
•IPOP Qualifiers (Finals were to take place in Las Vegas)
•Qualifiers in Hiphop International – D2LV (Finals were to take place in Las Vegas)
•Summer heat Gold Medalist – 1st Place in “Group Performance”  category.

And many other Solo/duet/trio achievements within the company.